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Who we are – and where we’re going

It started from a simple idea: To better connect escorts with everyone, all over Australia. After years of research and development, we’ve created something that is design leading, user friendly and highly intuitive.

Today and Tomorrow

Our purpose is to give you a platform that easily syncs with your lifestyle. Our vision is to create a community where you get to freely connect, communicate and contribute – all at your personal convenience.

Times are changing

Why does one of the world’s oldest professions have such a negative stigma? Some would argue it’s derived from religious origins. However like everything, stigma shifts parallel to society’s understanding and acceptance like the legalisation of cannabis around the world. But how do you shift stigma? Our answer is simple – Education. In Australia, Sydney recently hosted International Whores’ Day to celebrate the anniversary of the 1975 sex workers’ protest. Since then, other advocacy organisations are speaking up. The times are changing as Australia recognises the autonomy and humanity of the adult services industry. So what you can do? Connect, communicate and contribute!

Really, it’s all about the experience… While we’re not an escort agency ourselves, we’re here to put you in contact with some of the classiest individuals. Whatever you’re looking for, be it a girlfriend experience, a travel companion or something in between, we will make it happen for you. Visit Mayfair Confidential to search for sexy high class escorts in Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia.