10 Things You Should Never Say To An Escort
By Mayfair Confidential
10 Things You Should Never Say To An Escort

It’s your first time booking with an escort, so you’re probably bursting with all types of feelings and wondering what to say. Sometimes excitement can take over and curiosity can get the better of you. So if you’re looking for a quick guide to escort clientele etiquette, here’s our top 10 things you should never say to an escort:

Am I your only client today?

Questions such as “Am I your only client today?” and “Can I be your first client of the day?” can act as a red flag to escorts. It may suggest that you’re not able to handle the idea of your escort being with anybody else.

A surefire guarantee that you’re the only client of the day, is to book a 24-hour encounter.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Most sex workers tend to keep their personal and professional lives completely separate. Although some may have a significant other, some choose to be single.

Either way, their dating life remains their business and their business alone. Just rest assured that, while they’re with you, they’re focusing purely on you and your desires.

Best practice is to only discuss an escort’s personal love life if they raise the topic themselves.

Do you party?

The phrase “do you party?” can set off alarm bells for an escort. In many cases, those who ask this question are asking if they use illicit substances. While escorts know how to have fun, many only ever do so within the confines of the law. So try and limit the highs to the sexually climatic kind.

It’s always worth knowing that an escort who suspects you’re the wrong type of ‘party person’ will more than likely not allow you to re-book. Sex Workers take very good care of their health and they expect a safe experience from you too.

Pay close attention to an escort’s ‘likes and dislikes’ on their profile, if an advertiser publishes content like ‘Drug free’ and ‘DFSW’ they mean it. So consider this before asking, as you could earn yourself a spot on the blacklist.

Do you want to go out some time?

As talented individuals, escorts are adept at making you feel cared for and wanted. Although they do care about you, that care remains purely professional.

When you see a courtesan regularly, it can sometimes become difficult to separate  business from pleasure.

It is always good to remind yourself that it is temporary and that you must respect their professional boundaries.

Do i have to use a condom?

Escorts are everyday people and are big advocates for safe sex. As an essential barrier contraceptive, condoms are there for their safety as much as yours.

As all sexual services are at an escort’s discretion and between two consenting adults, they may provide some experiences without a barrier contraceptive. In states such as the ACT and Tasmania, it is a criminal offence for Canberra or Hobart sex workers and their clients to not use a prophylactic during sexual intercourse.

When escorts insist on using one, you know your sexual health will be cared for.

Can I skip the shower?

Showers are a normal request when it comes to sexual services. If it’s their policy that all clients have one, try not to take offence and see it as a simple act that’ll allow you to both enjoy your time together comfortably.

It’s also important to recognise that not all escorts approach showering in the same way. Some may request one on a case by case basis. But don’t expect one to change their attitude towards showers just because on your business trip to NSW the previous sydney escort didn’t ask for one.

Can I have a discount?

Asking for a discount may seem like a good idea at the time, but you must remember that when you agree to meet them, you agree to pay the price of the sexual service/s advertised on their profile.

You can’t request a discount because one escort doesn’t provide a service that another does. Each professional sets their rates and limits, and any request for a discount will cause offence.

Can I have a selfie?

The escorts listed on Mayfair Confidential carefully craft their profiles, which includes the use of pictures. The pictures you find in their gallery are an accurate reflection of the person you see when you meet up.

As professional individuals, escorts can opt to decline your request to take a selfie for your pleasure. You may find some of their selfies on their public social media channels, but they’re unlikely to do a bespoke request. Similarly, don’t ask an escort if you can take photos during their encounter unless they explicitly state that such services are available.

If you are after exclusive pictures of an escort, try requesting access to their ‘My Confidential’ gallery on their profile.

Can you tell me your real name?

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that escorts mainly use pseudonyms. Ultimately it is a safety precaution to keep their private and professional lives separate. This is also a great way of building their professional brand.

If you push an escort to tell you their real name, they may assume that you don’t care or respect them or their boundaries. Always remember that you’re paying for their time and services, but that you don’t have a right to access their personal lives.

Can I add you on social media?

Some escorts have public social media channels you can follow. Doing this allows you to see pictures they’re happy to share with clientele. However, some do not and you can’t expect them to add you to their private channels.

If you do find an escort’s private social media channels, refrain from sharing it or sending them a request. They’re unlikely to see you again if you do. Each escort deserves to maintain a personal and private life, so it’s important not to intrude on that.

In most cases, the things you say to an escort will be absolutely fine. But if they tell you you’re crossing a line, it’s wise to listen.

At the end of the day, escorts are people. They deserve the same respect of their professional work and privacy of their personal lives. Sex work is real work.


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