3 Easy Steps to Advertising Your Escort Services
By Mayfair Confidential
3 Easy Steps to Advertising Your Escort Services

Lets face it, Sex work can be a competitive industry. Luckily, sex work is a diverse and flexible marketplace.

In this article, we provide our 3 step process to help optimise your personal brand. You will need to identify your service strengths to establish and determine your target audience. Now what does it all mean?

  • Targeting Potential Clients

Your target market is a group of potential customers that you can identify with by a considerable amount of enquiries for a particular service. 

Breaking down your audience, but how? By discovering a client demographic. If for instance if you are based in NSW and another high profiled sydney escort that you identify with is offering a specific service you don’t offer, check out their feedback. Checking reviews on their profile or comments on social platforms such as Twitter comments or replies. This can give you a great insight into what services are in high demand but are not yet on your radar. Example, if a large number of older gents are requesting more foot fetish content perhaps consider dipping your toe in and testing it for yourself.

  • Keywords to kick-off your niche service types.

It’s simple, what keywords would your audience type into google search for what they want. Whilst in our industry we can’t actually post google ads without breaching the T&Cs (let’s not get into that for now). There are free tools that deliver helpful data more specifically search volume.

  • Entering a new serviceable market.

Now to decide if you actually want to enter a niche service type or sub-service. After evaluating the data available, is it worth it? Unfortunately, truth is you won’t know until you begin implementing it into your available services. 

If you are new to the industry or the thought of providing a new service like BDSM you will need to do more then just include the generic ‘Perth escort’ keywords otherwise you will be lost in the masses. Instead travel down the path of less-competitive keywords and really target your strengths. This will allow you to narrow in on those specific services a potential client will be looking for. 

Rain Morgan a BBW escort does this beautifully. Rain provides a ‘Swingers experience’ and publishes this consistently and ranks in this niche.  

Begin to tailor your content to your audience. Use targeted, “insider” terms for keywords. Make sure you play to your strength and interest as ultimately we need to ensure we enjoy what we do. 

If you have any queries about taking the first step please contact us, we are here for our industry.

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