4 Most Common Questions About Nuru Massage
By Mayfair Confidential
4 Most Common Questions About Nuru Massage

Ugh, so it happened again? Another term has that is getting used more regularly in the adult service industry but many are not really sure what it means?

Deep down you want to ask questions but you feel a tad awkward… not to worry, Mayfair Confidential is here to give you a hand (no pun intended).

1.What is a Nuru Massage?

The nuru massage today is an interpretation of a traditional Japanese massage originating from the Kawasaki province. The unique “nuru” (Japanese word for slippery) massage is an experience where the masseuse is completely naked and applies a lotion to the client and their own body allowing for a smooth and sensual body-to-body experience. 

Like a Thai massage, the nuru massage is often seen as a ‘safe service’ as it typically only involves skin to skin contact. That said, the word ‘safe service’ itself has recently received a battering on social media as it only be giving merit to this  whorearchy perspective.

2.Does nuru massage include sex?

Well whilst erotic massage services are growing in popularity (check out the demand for nuru massages in Perth as an example), the nuru massage does not typically include sex. However it’s worthy to note that every sex worker provides their own unique interpretation of this traditional service. Therefore the expectation of the service has become somewhat murky, leaving many punters asking does nuru massage include sex? Again this depends on the adult service provider. For example, hand relief is usually the climactic conclusion and common place in nuru services. Nevertheless, we recommend always consulting with your service provider prior to the engagement which should leave no doubt in what will be involved in the service ensuring a truly smooth experience.

3.What is nuru massage Gel? 

The nuru gel itself is an extraordinary organic blend with the primary ingredient being ‘Nori’ – essentially it’s a distillation of seaweed which is found in the extremely profound water on Japan’s coast. The nuru massage gel (once formed) is odorless, colourless and tasteless. With a range of vitamins and minerals the nuru gel itself is not only perfect for this type of massage but also provides huge benefits to your skin. Enough said!

4.Where can I find a nuru massage near me? 

Whilst there are some authentic reputable nuru massage parlours throughout Australia, your local massage may claim to provide nuru massage but unfortunately this might not be the case. If you decide to use a local parlour, make sure you read the google reviews as this is now a great indicator of authenticity. Independent provides like Queenie Pearl pride themselves on providing the true experience. With the rise of independent sex workers its only fitting that they are turning to independent adult service directories for exposure. 

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