4 Ways to Better Connect with your Clients
By Mayfair Confidential
4 Ways to Better Connect with your Clients

In today’s world, it’s becoming easier to connect with your clients in order to promote yourself and your brand. But at the same time, it can be a little overwhelming, given the overchoice of tools and resources.

Here are 4 simple and effective ways to help you better connect with your clients:

1. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Social media is paramount in client engagement. For many Sydney Escorts in our space, Twitter is the most commonly used social platform – but you also have other popular apps such as Onlyfans and Snapchat. Keeping active on social media means your clients have the opportunity to keep in touch with you and adds a personal touch to your service.

There are Twitter-based apps now allowing you to do more. For example:

  • Audiense allows you to implement your own custom chatbot to engage each new follower through DM. This is commonly used to give a more personalised introduction to new followers and sharing  who you are. You can also gain insights into your follower; like where they’re from, the language they speak, and their recent Twitter activities.
  • Tweriod gives you an in-depth look into your profile traffic. It’s often used to discover your peak levels of visitors in order to find the best time to post for maximum exposure.

2. Write a Blog

Blogs are an integral part of any community. One of the main advantages of contributing to blogs is that you’re able to engage with your existing and potential clients. In short, voicing your perspective on issues, will in turn, direct people to you and your personal brand.

3. Share Exclusive Content and Offers

Try providing your clients with exclusive offers and benefits. For example:

  • Giving your clients that sense of privilege by granting access to private content through your ‘My Confidential Gallery’.
  • Creating an eye catching header prompting an ‘upcoming tour’ or ‘exclusive discount offer, today only’. By the way, Fotor enables you to easily create a free  custom header in minutes. 
  • Maybe reducing the hourly rate on longer bookings for previous clientele. This is a common price point strategy to better re-engage your regular clients.

4. Create a Tour

Tours are a great way to promote your brand to your existing and potential clients whether it be interstate or overseas. The calendar on Mayfair Confidential is yours – use it to effectively plan your upcoming tour.

If you have any queries or would like any assistance in staying connected with your clients through Mayfair Confidential, please contact us and we would be more than happy to assist. 

The Mayfair Confidential Team!


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