6 Tips for a Great Escort Experience
By Mayfair Confidential
6 Tips for a Great Escort Experience

Arranging an encounter with an escort is undeniably thrilling. If you want your date to go the right way, we have some tips for making your escort experience a success.

1. Communication is key

Communication is the key to success in all interactions and your date with an escort is no different. Whether you’re planning to drape them on your arm at a party or you have some fantasies to explore, you need to let them know what services you want.

Before booking an escort at Mayfair Confidential, you’ll need to liaise with them. Discussing your expectations in advance, ensuring you have a tryst encounter that’s mutually pleasurable.

2. Get to know your escort

Escort will provide a detailed profile that allows you to gain an insight into their services and more importantly, their personalities. In some cases, you’ll even be able to see reviews. 

If you’re going to keep yourself safe and make sure you’re getting the interaction you’re paying for, research is essential. Check to see how recent the escort’s photos are, their reviews, and their presence elsewhere on the web. And don’t be offended if your escort wants to research you too.Safety is paramount for both of you. 

Becoming a member on Mayfair Confidential will allow advertisers on the platform to leave a review on you. This helps give you the credibility that is sometimes needed in our industry, immediately separating you from the time wasters. 

3. Keep it clean

And, no, we don’t mean refraining from getting dirty between the sheets. Just like when you head out on any other date, your hygiene standards need to be high. Your escort will expect you to turn up smelling fresh.

Most escorts have a blanket shower policy, so don’t be offended if yours asks you to take one. There’s a strong chance they’re asking everyone else, too, so it’s not a personal slight directed at just you.

4. Make yourself clear

Not everyone who hires an escort is expecting a sexual encounter, and that’s okay. In a world where many people are too busy to date, escorts are ideal. They’re gorgeous, they’re always presentable, and they know how to hold a conversation.

If you plan to use an escort service for your events, make sure you discuss your requirements with them. Not everyone will want to boldly state that they’re bringing an escort along. If you have a particular backstory in mind, be sure you brief your escort to avoid confusion. And if you want to use their services again as a repeat guest, make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

5. Learn the lingo

When you first start browsing through escort sites, the lingo can be a little confusing. Do you know what a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) is? And what does BDSM stand for? And what makes a pornstar experience a pornstar experience?

Learning the lingo and doing your research can help you demystify the escort world. Although it isn’t hard to understand, not having a clear idea of what everything means can get in the way of you hiring the right person. For example, if you’re expecting kisses and cuddles and you don’t know to look for GFE on an escort’s page, you may walk away from your encounter feeling less than satisfied.

6. Use a reputable site

Sure, you can delve into the murky world of completely free advertising platforms to find an escort. But, how do you know you’ll get what you pay for? Are you going to be safe? And is your escort going to meet your standards set by their ad?

At Mayfair Confidential, we use several tactics to protect you. First, we verify everyone on our site. You don’t need to worry about turning up to find someone who doesn’t match their profile, because we don’t let it happen. Second, we allow reviews. When you can read the experiences of others, you’re more likely to find someone who’s dependable. Finally, escorts pay to advertise with us. That means you’re looking at professionals who are serious about the services they provide.

If you have more questions about how things work here at Mayfair Confidential, check out our FAQs. As one of the biggest escort directories in Australia, we’re here to help you get your satisfaction. If you’re ready to jump in and find an escort who’ll blow your mind, you can become a member right here.