7 Most Frustrating Misconceptions for Independent Escorts
By Mayfair Confidential
7 Most Frustrating Misconceptions for Independent Escorts

Every profession deals with misconceptions which can further lead to prejudice (tradies are rough around the edges, lawyers are arrogant, etc.), but sex workers are faced with far more misconceptions compared to most.

If you’re a sex worker, chances are you’ve heard or seen your fair share of “funny” or just plain ignorant remarks. This article will probably make your eye roll with rumination and think “Ugh, I’ve heard this so many f*#%@!&G times”.


  • Sex workers are absolutely thrilled when they receive an unsolicited dick pic

Women all over the world can relate to this, reportedly being a Sydney escort unfortunately just amplifies the amount of exposure. Honestly, guys, if it was not asked for do not send it. You may not realise this but it’s rude and disrespectful.

  • ”Escorts are open to anything and everything sexual 24/7 you just need to pay enough”

Yes of course a short notice booking is possible, but there is preparation involved people. Sex workers will not do what’s not displayed on their profile, even if the services are offered by others doesn’t mean they are offered by everyone.

  • You have to be conventionally beautiful to be a sex worker

I blame movies for this one. You don’t have to be a tall, blond bombshell with huge breasts to be a sex worker. It really doesn’t matter like any other profession, people of all colours, shapes, and ethnicity can be a sex worker.

  • Sex workers like to party

Again, this has nothing to do with a profession. A doctor can be a party animal, whereas a sex worker can be a party animal or can lead a peaceful lifestyle centered around family life. It depends on personality and individual preferences, to each their own.

  • “Can you have a normal relationship?”

Sex workers are regular humans, like everyone else, difference is they have a unique job. This doesn’t make them unworthy of love and support, and they can enjoy a meaningful and loving relationship just like any other person.

  • Sex workers are drug-addicts and they work to support their addiction

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Perth Escorts genuinely enjoy their work because they can express their creativity and passionate side in a rewarding way. They can set their own hours which gives them plenty of free time. To combat those prude perspectives sex workers use acronyms like DFSW (Drug Free Sex Worker) to prompt this lifestyle choice.

  • That sex workers age out of the business

There are no expiration dates on sex workers! The expression ‘Mature escorts’ not only reflects their age but their experience in the industry.


There is only one way to deal with misconceptions: education. Unfamiliarity scares the norm of society and they use prejudice as a defence-mechanism. If these people engaged those who work in the sex industry, only then would we see this decline.

It’s wrong to make general assumptions and to treat sex workers as one entity. They’re all individuals with their unique personalities, aspirations and lifestyle choices. No sex worker is the same. They approach their clients individually and take time to get to know the person and his/her preferences. Others should treat them the way they treat their clients: with respect and dignity.


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