Are you too nervous to meet me?
By Ally Austins
Are you too nervous to meet me?

Are you too nervous to meet with me? A regular client recently confessed that the first few times he met with me, he was nervous. I could understand that as someone that had never booked an escort before he could be quite apprehensive for the first meet, but why did he still experience that nervousness the following few times? Did I not put him at ease? Was I not very good at my job? I want my clients to enjoy their time with me and I always do my best to help them relax and enjoy their time with me.

Fortunately my regular gentleman was able to assure me that it was not a reflection on me, that perhaps he was mistaking his excitement to see me as apprehension. Either way, I’m very glad he managed to overcome it because now he is someone that I am so excited to see every time he books me.

After this conversation I realised that perhaps one of the things that prevents new clients from contacting me is this nervousness, so I wanted to address that and come up with a few tips and ideas that may help to overcome it.

First of all, please understand that the photos on my advertisements depict me at my very best. I don’t always sit around in awkward poses designed to show off the length of my legs or the roundness of my peach. As an example, right now I am sitting here in a pair of old pyjama shorts and a tee that was once white but now can only be described as grey. I am wearing my glasses and my hair is unbrushed and unruly. That’s right; I too am a human! I even have cellulite! So if you’re concerned that I look too perfect and intimidating please just picture me sitting at my computer in my daggy old clothes with no makeup and unbrushed hair and hopefully that will help you to relax a little.

Secondly, ask yourself are you nervous about the idea of meeting with me, or are you excited? Because excited is good! We can do a lot with that excitement…

If you’re still sure that you’re nervous, and you’ve pictured me in my disgusting grey tee-shirt and with cellulite, then remind yourself that you too are a human and it’s quite normal to feel this way. Ask yourself, “what is the worst thing that could happen if I send her a message?” I promise I’ve never yet ridiculed a client and exposed him publicly in a scandal of shame, and I have absolutely no intention of ever doing any such thing.

However, once a booking is confirmed, if I’m completely honest with you I’m nervous to meet you too. Sure I love to meet new people, but I too have those crazy self-doubt thoughts. “Will I be as they expected? Do I look like my photos? Will they be happy they booked with me?” Sure I may project a persona of confidence and assertiveness, but that is part of my job; I need to look like I know what I am doing! I am here to put you at ease, to help you to relax, and to make sure you have an amazing time with me, but underneath it all I am still a woman who spends far too much time worrying about things I cannot change, and trying to figure out whether or not I am doing things ‘right’.

Fortunately, my regular clients are a reminder that I can’t be too bad. If I really was all that intimidating or awful, I’m sure they wouldn’t book me anymore. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take a deep breath, pick up your phone and send me a message. I’d really love to hear from you!

Ally xx

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