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Tantra yoga is a sensual yet sexual practice. It’s often confused with Kama Sutra - which is actually over a thousand years old. The practice tantra yoga focuses on the forging of spiritual energy within the body. Popularised by the use in couples therapy, this Hindu prescription is said to help couples reconnect on a spiritual and sexual level. That said, couples are not the only patience’s receiving the sex yoga healing. This ancient remedy has been known to successfully help sex addicts in achieving personal goals of celibacy. So the power of tantra yoga sounds impressive. But how does it work and could these practices benefit a sex worker? T Read More

Imagine a male who is remarkably funny, devilishly handsome, extraordinarily humble, a casual weight hoister, competent beard grower, novice pool player and an amateur kickboxer? Well you don’t have to imagine! The one and only Markus Kendrick (aka the Viking) is your perfect Melbourne male escort, chasing ambitious dreams and audacious venture – think a calm breeze in a world of raging storms. Now that you probably want to get know Markus Kendrick, what better way to flavour that the following short interview. Links to Markus’s Mayfair Confidential profile, personal twitter and website can be found below:

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Mayfair Confidential Interview – Constance Azura

Question: I’m looking for a brunette beauty with exotic features, high cheekbones and full kissable lips? Answer: Constance Azura Constance Azura isn’t just a Sydney escort. Her skill is the master of her art. It’s the art of seduction she has always loved and will always be passionate about. Constance is down to earth, accommodating and easy to talk to – one to share a joke, la Read More

Remember Bella Thorne, the Disney actress? Well Bella broke Onlyfans but not in the way you would think.  The newly active OF creator, feminist and apparent sex worker “advocate” may have changed Onlyfans forever. Ms Thorne reportedly made over 1 million dollars in 24hrs through her Onlyfans account. This was a new record for that kind of amount in that short of time. Stories like these are oh so familiar with some of the highest paid performers (usually the top 1%) on Onlyfans. But how did she do it and why has it’s caused such an uproar in sex work community? < Read More