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COVID-19 Infection Control Training For Sex Workers

  The Australian Department of Health has designed an online training module to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We wanted to find out if this course could be beneficial to sex workers - in life during (and after) this pandemic. Sex workers protection against COVID-19 The Departmen Read More

 Sex workers Turning to Online Services to Boost Income

Internet usage around the world is sky rocketing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We're seeing an increase of 10-30% traffic across the board, which is expected with the government imposed self-isolation measures prompting people to try and connect remotely. The sex industry has taken a hit like never before since the restriction on personal services was announced by National Cabinet. Whilst it's not for everybody, in particular 'face in' providers, there are non-personal (content) based platforms out there which may  boost your income during t Read More

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is undoubtedly tragic for the thousands affected, with Governments around the world having to act swiftly and assertively to protect vulnerable people. With the Australian governments stimulus packages and latest national restrictions combined with awareness campaigns like 'Stop The Spread', lets hope we start seeing a reduction in the numbers of confirmed cases. There is no doubt that the adult industry in Australia is struggling. Whilst there are some small gaps in the new restriction (like no strict ban acro Read More

Hey everyone!

At MC, we support providers through the good times and the bad. Our priority is to assist you whenever we can. We have published articles and shared support info to help you better screen your clients and keep yourself safe. That said, we understand the coronavirus is creating uncertainty for more and/or may be causing financial stress. We care and want to help.
That’s why we have decided to provide free advertising for all of existing providers on MC pl Read More