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When booking accommodation, whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, one of the top places to look is Airbnb – mainly for their lower prices, convenient locations and to “live like a local”. Really it’s a no brainer and for a travelling escort using Airbnb would be no different, until now. Recently, stories have been coming to life about various sex workers around the world having their private Airbnb accounts terminated. When they ask why, they are told in an around about way that their accounts “didn’t follow our Terms of Service and community standards”. This happened to US based sex worker Read More

Finally a sex industry podcast worth listening to! Sydney escort Arianna Gold provides a straightforward, energetic and informative podcast which tells it how it is. From talking about the stigma around sex workers with Abi D'Winters to a chat with Bella Green who is taking the Australian comedy world by storm - there is something for everyone. Since December 2018, the 'Golden Touch' has aired:

  1. Asstastic! Meet Zoe Rotheraine Pegging Queen of Sydney
  2. Meet the Woman behind Penthouse Au – Read More

Jargon is part of any space; however the sex industry is famous for its sex service terminology. We often reduce frequently used, short phrases or word sets, usually to their initial letters (these are also called 'initialisms' or 'abbreviations') to make things easier to remember or say. In the sex industry, its basically the same except we also use it for discretionary reasons. The sex industry is such a diverse market with a multitude of services regularly available and the abbreviations are an easy way to state a specific service. If you are new to the industry, either as an adult service provider or client, these abbreviations can be a littl Read More

When you're booking an escort, your expectations is you'll be paying for a great service. Whether you're seeking someone to take to an event or you're looking to explore your fantasies. But companions and escorts have their own expectations too. Knowing how to treat an escort isn't just for her comfort, it's in your best interests also. After all, don't we all perform a little better when the person we're trying to service is kind and considerate to us? Whether this is your first time Read More