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Hello Lovers, My name is Selena Skye, I am a Sydney based escort who tours nationally, and I am also available for extended international engagements. This is my very first reddit post so I would like to welcome all those who are reading my thread. I am a little unsure if I am honest about what I am going to write about in this little post dedicated to the nitty gritty details and my personal experience of being a SW for the last couple of years. When I was 18 years old, I moved to Sydney from the Southern Highlands NSW to commence by Arts/Law degree at a GO8 un Read More

So, you're considering escorting. Despite being the world's oldest profession, escorting is still seen as taboo. Many prefer to remain hush-hush about it, even though there's nothing to be ashamed of. Many also try to paint trans and female escorts as suffering, yet male escorts do not equally receive the same immoral prejudice. Rather than accepting that, shock horror, many love sex, they'd rather believe that they chose their vocation out of sheer desperation. Despite making many amazing strides in embracing modern sexuality, society isn't quite fully ready to accep Read More

Every profession deals with misconceptions which can further lead to prejudice (tradies are rough around the edges, lawyers are arrogant, etc.), but sex workers are faced with far more misconceptions compared to most. If you’re a sex worker, chances are you’ve heard or seen your fair share of “funny” or just plain ignorant remarks. This article will probably make your eye roll with rumination and think “Ugh, I’ve heard this so many f*#%@!&G times”.  

  • Sex workers are absolutely thrilled when they receive an unsolicited dick pic
Women all over the world can relate to this, reportedly bei Read More

It's 2019 and unfortunately society is still confused about bisexuals. The very concept of bisexuality seems pretty simple: being attracted to both males and females, right? However, bisexual people often feel misunderstood and even rejected. They can tend to feel like misfits because gay people have been known to label them as “too straight" to be gay and straight people can label them “too gay" to be straight.  These leaves them permanently stuck in a phobia rich paradox which can make things like finding a partner challenging. Bisexual’s realised that they had to do something to raise awareness and make themselves more visible and ackno Read More