Crystal Sex Toys and Their Benefits
By Mayfair Confidential
Crystal Sex Toys and Their Benefits

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes. Throughout history, people have used various materials and some pretty weird objects to make sex toys. There’s evidence suggesting that Ancient Greeks even used a particular type of breadstick… even the ancient folks respected the good old internet meme “anything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough”.

Back then, the most common materials used for making dildos and other toys were those which could be easily found and traded such as stone, wood, and ivory. These materials are resilient and long-lasting, which explains why so many dildos survived for centuries.

As humanity progressed, so did sex toys. Synthetic materials were discovered and the sex industry blossomed.  Now sex toys are commonly made of jelly, silicone, and plastics.

Recently a “new” material has entered the scene. Known for their numerous healing properties, crystals have been mostly used for making homewares and jewelry. It was only a matter of time before crystal sex toys started appearing, helping to “find your centre”!

Yes, they look awesome and chic, but are they any good?

The Benefits of Crystal Sex Toys


  • Slow and Sensual

Sexual healing isn’t just an eargasmic Marvin Gaye song, it can also come from the use of crystal sex toys. We are always on the go leading fast-paced lives, rushing everything, including sex.

Although it’s undoubtedly nice to turn on your ultra mega vibrator with 6 speeds and 4 rotating parts to have a mind-blowing orgasm in less than 30 seconds, sometimes it can get boring. You don’t get the chance to be in tune with your body and really enjoy this amazing experience.

Crystal dildos can have a calming effect, connecting your body and mind. Instead of a quick orgasm, slow down and indulge in a slow, sensual and erotic exploration of your body. Taking the time to learn more about your desires and erogenous zones to take your sex life to the next level.


  • Safe and Eco-Friendly

Crystal sex toys are organic and eco-friendly. Unlike other materials, such as jelly, which can contain harmful and toxic chemicals, crystal sex toys are natural and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Certain manufacturers have been found not disclosing materials they use in their products. This can have devastating consequences on your health. Phthalates commonly found in PVC sex toys are downright dangerous. Which has been linked to breast cancer, type II diabetes, obesity and thyroid problems.

If you don’t want to spend an eternity investigating the chemicals in your new sex toy, it’s best to go for crystal sex toys. They’re 100% natural.

If you’re looking for a crystal dildo, go for crystals which are durable and not porous, such as quartz, amethyst and rose quartz. It’s important to avoid porous materials since bacteria can enter the tiny holes and hide there causing bacterial vaginosis or discomfort.


  • Discrete and Low Maintenance

Crystal sex toys can easily pass as home décor, since they don’t look like regular sex toys so you won’t have to worry about someone accidentally finding them. You’ll avoid a lot of awkward stares and weird questions.

Plus, crystal sex toys are easy to maintain, you can just wash them with mild soap and warm water.  However, if you want to enjoy the full healing effects of your toys, you’ll have to charge them. There are many ways to charge your crystals and you can choose the one which suits you the best.


If you’ve had your fair share of regular toys or simply looking to find your first, crystal sex toys are the way to masturbate to mindfulness.


Photo donated by yonipleasurepalace