Erotic Masseuse | Golden Touch Podcast with Arianna Gold
By Mayfair Confidential
Erotic Masseuse | Golden Touch Podcast with Arianna Gold

Finally a sex industry podcast worth listening to! Sydney escort Arianna Gold provides a straightforward, energetic and informative podcast which tells it how it is.

From talking about the stigma around sex workers with Abi D’Winters to a chat with Bella Green who is taking the Australian comedy world by storm – there is something for everyone.

Since December 2018, the ‘Golden Touch‘ has aired:

  1. Asstastic! Meet Zoe Rotheraine Pegging Queen of Sydney
  2. Meet the Woman behind Penthouse Au – Anessa
  3. Sex Workers & Decriminalisation of Sex Work in South Australia
  4. Meet Emma! Creator of the Black Light Photography
  5. Who is Vivienne Black?
  6. Episode 6 – #iamsekushi
  7. Episode 7 Tristan ManASS AKA Mr Wednesday
  8. Episode 8 – Bella Green is charging for it (but I got a freebie)

But don’t take our word for it.

We’d thought it be a good idea to shoot a few quick questions to the one and only Arianna Gold to get a further insight into the Golden Touch podcast.

So the queen of tease Arianna, you are renowned as an erotic masseuse but tell us about how ‘Golden Touch’ came about?

My independent Erotic Massage business or as I like to call it “The Golden Touch” was born out of two things – sheer jealously and desperation

I caught up with a friend whom I have know for years around the industry (we worked together in a few EM venues in Sydney) and she had turned independent about a year ago. She had so much freedom in her day and so much $$$! Her personality was similar to mine in that we both had been dismissed from a few venues because of our…shall we say independent streak but in essence we both just wanted to have basic workers rights so we fought for them, voiced our opinions and this was not welcome in the NSW industry.

She told me she would teach me and after I looked at her books. I was sold. Domain name bought, website built, photo shoot booked and ads written ready to go.

I finally got a lease on a suitable apartment for an incall in Sydney (not an easy feat being “self employed” with zero references) for us both to use and I was fired that day from the EM venue I had been working at for 3 yrs plus. Not sure how they knew but they did so ‘Arianna Gold’ HAD to work. No options left

The Podcast the Golden Touch was an idea I had after attending a business seminar called ‘Nail it & Scale it’ by Kerwin Rae.

I wanted to do something not face out and original. I wanted to educate civilians on the world of SW as I strongly believe that people are scared of things they don’t know. Give them an insight into a world and maybe they’ll understand a bit about us as humans. It’s just a job and for the most part we like it. We’re not victims, we are warriors. We are small business owners and we are valid. I YouTubed how to record and edit a podcast and just did it. I thought even if it sucks, technically the subject matter and my passion will shine through and I think I’ve achieved that. I’m very very thankful to my guests that allow me to ask them all sorts of probing personal questions to be honest. Without them I’d be talking to a wall or about myself and I dare say there’s enough people, sex workers or civilians doing that game already. I’m also a much better speaker, than writer, so podcast was my best option to showcase my strengths. Give me a glass of wine and an audience anyday. Give me a laptop and an assignment and I’m bummed out.

Putting aside the Golden Touch, what was the catalyst for you that lead you to sex work?

I was always in SW since I was legal. Actually that’s a lie, I was underage when I started as a stripper at Showgirls in Brisbane. I stripped for many years across Oz and once I had enough, I detoxed off drugs and alcohol. I rested (read bummed around my parents property in country QLD) for 6 months or so. I finally moved back to Sydney with a goal to get into another field which I did but naturally I felt the hunger for more than minimum wage or was it horniness, I don’t know. I answered an ad in the newspaper at Michelle’s in Bondi Junction for massage with “No Sex”. They had a day shift and night shift and I was alone in a self contained room which sounded great. I started doing the weekend and with my first $800 shift I quit my job and went into EM full time.

Honestly I’ve tried to get into Full Service but either A) venues won’t hire me or B) I do a shift or 3 and I don’t get booked. Doors closed for a reason so I stick to EM which I love and am good at. It’s a naturally a good fit for me.

What can we expect for the Golden Touch in 2020?

More great guests and more interesting envelope pushing conversations! I’ll keep recording as long as people keep listening. I’m really happy with its progress so far and I hope to become a better host. I could be more empathetic and learn to let my guests talk more than me. I think I talk over them a little, not great.

You speak about sex work in all its diversity and your view for a decriminalised nation echoes throughout the series. With legislative change finally taking place in the Northern Territory, where do you hope to see a change next and why?

Change in the sex industry! Well I could write a monologue about this but I’ll stick to points. Victorian legislation needs to chill on the no incall law and scrap the SWA registration. Pretty sure law reform is happening in VIC this year from what I’ve read. Queensland law is an absolute shit show but Respect QLD & Decrim QLD are doing a fab job in lobbying for change and raising awareness of the anarchic laws that stop us running a safe and legal business in sex work. I try to do my bit and talk about it with my clients as many don’t know about how it affects us practically. Personally I now run illegally in QLD and I won’t be changing anytime soon. Erotic massage needs to be legal in QLD and treated like a legitimate part of the SEX industry. NSW & VIC are miles ahead in this and id love to witness Bliss on Crown franchise into Brisbane & Gold Coast legally. It’s a fucking untapped market in QLD and someone will take that idea and run with it, all the way to the bank.

In general, I’d love to see SW be treated as a legit business. By banks, by investment companies, stock exchange, by recruitment agencies and don’t get me started on insurance! Try and get income protection as a SW?! 2020 is the year of the Heaux and I can’t wait to be a part of significant change for us. Even more forward thinking, SW run companies in the above mentioned industries. That would signify that stigma has been dismantled for me.

Oh and of course bloody South Australia. It’s unbelievable to me that the fight for decriminalisation there isn’t over and won yet. It’s so clear the motives of the politicians and the public are noticing with mountains of crystal clear evidence. I heard a statistic from one of the SA twitter accounts that the last attempt was the 113th time decrim has been in front of parliament. I applaud the activists and academics pushing the agenda because if that were me, I’d have PTSD from November. I couldn’t keep going, I’d give up. They are tenacious and I love them for it.

For those that don’t know, where can everyone catch the Golden Touch podcast?

Currently the Golden Touch Podcast is live on Spotify, SoundCloud and the show’s website.

You can also check out the links below: