Escorting 101: A guide to escorting
By Mayfair Confidential
Escorting 101: A guide to escorting

So, you’re considering escorting. Despite being the world’s oldest profession, escorting is still seen as taboo. Many prefer to remain hush-hush about it, even though there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Many also try to paint trans and female escorts as suffering, yet male escorts do not equally receive the same immoral prejudice. Rather than accepting that, shock horror, many love sex, they’d rather believe that they chose their vocation out of sheer desperation. Despite making many amazing strides in embracing modern sexuality, society isn’t quite fully ready to accept sex as a service.

Some will also claim that all escorts are victims. Not just the few who are genuinely victims, but every single one. Giving way to the argument, does sex work victimise or empower? With such assertions, they’re saying that you don’t know your own desires or sexuality.

Ignore these unenlightened opinions. For many people, escorting is the perfect profession that easily sinks with a busy lifestyle. Becoming an escort is exciting but it isn’t always glamorous. Whilst you’ll gain a lot of freedom, both financially and in terms of the way you explore your sexuality, it is important to know some key points on how to escort well and how to do it safely.

Knowing the law

The laws surrounding sex work in Australia vary from state to state. While sex work is decriminalised in New South Wales (and now the Northern Territory), the laws in Victoria and Queensland are much more stringent.

Although many states allow sex work, there are limits on what you can and cannot do. Understanding them is the best way to avoid landing yourself in legal hot water. Take a look at the rules as they pertain to your state before you even start advertising your escort services.

MC’s platform is and strives to always be compliant with the various jurisdiction across Australia. For example, advertisers from Victoria are unable to have their profile approved unless a SWA number is provided during the sign up process (putting aside the fact we did not believe in the registration numbers associated of sex workers)!

A great resource on some of the laws state by state can be found on the website of Scarlet Alliance.

Learn from a Pleasure Peer

Quite often, it is possible to hear the terms ‘coaching’ and ‘mentoring’ used in a personal and organisational development context. These terms are also prevalent within the adult service industry. The skills and experience of a prominent escort figure can be extremely valuable to those entering the industry or those who have hit a professional rut. Escort mentoring and coaching is a service that can provide anything from budget / financial advice, advertising, client screening techniques etc.

Vivienne Black a Sydney based escort, offers an all inclusive mentor service. Vivienne describes it beautifully as:

“You hire an escort mentor or business coach when you want to realise your potential, and find the freedom and confidence to push yourself further without fear of failure.”

“At some stage during your adult industry career, you might need some guidance and advice. Every business success story starts with nothing but an idea and the desire to achieve it.”

Sex worker resources and support

We are lucky enough to have a host of support networks and resources at our deposit in Australia. Whilst we don’t have a uniformed support group nationwide, we do have many throughout each state. Here are some listed below:

  • NSW –   Sex Workers Outreach Project
  • QLD –    Respect Inc
  • VIC –     RhED and Vixen Collective
  • TAS –    Scarlet Alliance
  • NT –      NT SWOP
  • SA –       SIN
  • WA –     Magenta


Understanding your limits

Once you know the law, it’s time to get to know yourself. And by this, we mean know what you enjoy sexually and what you’re willing to do.

There are lots of clients out there and they’re all looking for something different. Rest assured, you don’t need to fit into every niche, nor can you. So if you’d rather offer a girlfriend experience than delve into the world of BDSM, that’s okay.

You may also want to consider what your limits are in terms of clients too. Do you want to work with a particular age group? Are you happy to see couples? By setting these limits early on, you stand a better chance of being hired by someone who’ll provide you with a mutually-enjoyable experience.

Consider the logistics

If you’re going to be a companion or escort, you need to consider the logistics. From swanky hotels through to accompanying people on business trips, you have lots of options when it comes to seeing clients. You may choose to host them in your own abode, or you might decide to venture into their world and visit them at home.

Much like with any other job, think about when you’d like to work. The companions and escorts advertising on Mayfair Confidential come from all walks of life. Some decide to do a little extra on the side to boost their earnings from their day job, while others opt to work full time. You can also choose whether they’d like to work during the day, at night, or only on certain days.

By considering the logistics in advance, you make it easier to manage your schedule. You should also advertise your preferred available times and booking requirements i.e ‘Booking 24hrs in advance’ on your MC profile. By doing so, you’ll avoid wasting time communicating with those who want to book outside of your normal hours or conditions.

Create an enticing profile

Your profile will depend on a steady blend of vibrant photos and text that shows your personality. Although it’s a good idea to look at other adult provider profiles for inspiration, make sure you’re still letting your personality shine through. Creating a carbon copy of profiles you believe others will want to see may cause you to miss out on a booking you and your personal brand would of been perfect for.

At Mayfair Confidential, we’re an Australian escort directory. Whether you’re coming to us as a female, male, or trans escort, there’s a place in ‘our’ directory for you. All advertisers have the chance to sign up for a free 90 day trial!