How Men Should Behave When Booking An Escort
By Mayfair Confidential
How Men Should Behave When Booking An Escort

When you’re booking an escort, your expectations is you’ll be paying for a great service. Whether you’re seeking someone to take to an event or you’re looking to explore your fantasies. But companions and escorts have their own expectations too. Knowing how to treat an escort isn’t just for her comfort, it’s in your best interests also. After all, don’t we all perform a little better when the person we’re trying to service is kind and considerate to us?

Whether this is your first time booking an escort, or you have experience in this area, you need to know how to treat them with respect. With some of our top tips, you can make sure you both have a good time.

Discuss what you want in advance

If you have certain expectations of an escort, make sure you discuss them in advance rather than leaving it to chance. After all, while you might be craving a girlfriend experience, the escort you’re contacting may have strict rules about such matters. In a lot of cases, they’ll advertise such rules on their Mayfair Confidential profile. So to avoid disappointment, it’s worth checking their profile under ‘Service Types’ before you contact her.

Discussing what you expect becomes especially important when your interests are a little niche. Despite the popularity of books such as Fifty Shades of Grey, not all escorts are up for a few rounds of BDSM. It’s also important to understand that some services take additional prep and time. Due to this extra work it may incur an additional price. Having a quick discussion ahead of your encounter is the best way to avoid any embarrassment or hurt feelings.

Always ask nicely

If you forget to discuss what you want in advance, or if a particular move enters your head during your encounter, ask about it nicely. Don’t try to force your new idea on your escort. And don’t use the fact that you’re paying as a means of creating a power imbalance. There’s a high chance the escort you’ve booked won’t see you again if you do.

In the event that the sex worker isn’t interested in your idea, don’t lose patience with them. Getting angry or showing signs of irritation isn’t going to bring you any closer to what you want. Private Escorts are people and they have boundaries and limits. If there’s something you’re itching to try out, do your research. Find an escort or adult service provider that caters to this desire and book them instead.

Remember you’re dealing with a person

Yes, you’re paying your escort for a service. But does that mean you need to forget that they’re a person too? That sex work is work too? Politeness and kindness go a long way in any goods exchange, in a personal service exchange like an escort interaction it’s a mandatory behaviour. Although you’re paying them for something, you’re not within your rights to be unkind.

If you feel up to the challenge, ask them how their day is going. If you have some time, get to know them better. This can only add to the experience for you and your independent escort. Although you shouldn’t ask overly personal questions such as where they live, you can discover more about them like their interests under their ‘Likes’ or ‘Dislikes’ on their Mayfair Confidential profile. Always remember, a few small words and acts of kindness go a long way in the sex industry.

Don’t get too personal

An experience with a private escort initially will be mysterious, but isn’t that what makes them so attractive? Everyone loves a little mystery and one of the biggest benefits of booking a courtesan is that you retain some of the mystery that’s missing from everyday relationships.

After a while, though, you may have the urge to find out more about them. Although it’s okay to ask them their opinions on red wine versus white, you shouldn’t dig too deep into their lives. They’re not going to want to tell you anything about them, their relationship status, home life, or childhood etc. In fact, most companions and escorts separate their personal and working lives altogether. By not getting too personal, you won’t overstep the mark and offend. 

Where to start?

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