How To Attract Clients | Establishing Yourself as a High-Class Escort
By Mayfair Confidential
How To Attract Clients | Establishing Yourself as a High-Class Escort

You are a female escort. You know what to do to drive men crazy. You know how to fulfil fantasies in a sensitive, sexy, and sultry way. But what about marketing yourself? How do you establish yourself as a high-class escort, and attract the new clients you need to really propel your career into the sexual stratosphere?

Take a look at our guide and find out more.

Understand the power of your appearance

Aesthetics play such a big part in the role of a high-class escort. This means creating a look that demonstrates your class and sophistication and exudes health, vitality, fun, and aspiration. Of course, this should come with a hefty dose of allure and sexiness.

So, how do you achieve this? Well, you need to invest in yourself. Get mani-pedi, stay hydrated and exercise. Practising this regularly can help you to stay in shape and achieve that beautiful glow. Dress in a way that makes potential clients know immediately that you live the high life, and that spending time with you is a way to live the high life themselves. Publicise your look on your social media accounts and be your clients’ aspirations, as well as their fantasies.

Expand your knowledge, broaden your horizons

You are not just a pretty face. Just like how your outfit is about more than the sexy designer lingerie you have on underneath, you need to be the complete package. You are a strong, intelligent, independent woman, and you need to let that shine on through.

Be aware, educate yourself, and always be open to new experiences and forms of knowledge. The idea of men being attracted to sexy airheads who just giggle and look cute is as outdated as the mindsets of the small minority of men who still think this is a desirable quality. Instead, studies have repeatedly shown that men are attracted to intelligent women and that the ability to hold an intelligent conversation adds significantly to the allure.

Recognise that the world is your playground

Being a high-class escort also means being a globetrotter. Clients you attract may be trans-national jet-setting types, whose idea of a good time is a weekend break at a beach resort in the pacific, or a secluded retreat interstate. If you turn them down, what happens? You lose their business, and you narrow your potential pool of clients.

Being a Sydney escort you need to be ready and willing to travel and be open to the idea of touring. This will feed back into the above point about expanding your knowledge and broadening your horizons. After all, it is one thing to read about something in a book and quite another to actually go out there into the world and experience it for yourself. Travel will help you become a better, more sought-after, more attractive escort for another calibre of potential clients.

Coined the phrase #FlyMeToYou is often used by those willing to travel. Of course with travel, comes some risk, so measures such as client screening, referrals and advanced deposits are all highly recommended. 

Consider what sets you apart

There are many escorts out there, all of whom offer their services with varying degrees of quality. Just being the best is not enough — although, of course, it is critical to work on the quality of the services you can offer — instead, you need to think about your USP.

Your USP — or your unique selling point — is what sets you apart from the rest. What can you provide to clients that no one else can? What is it that makes you stand out, both in the context of your personality and your professional life as an escort?

Next, consider what you can do to enhance this USP and really bring it to the forefront. This is you, this is your brand, and this is what is going to enchant your clients each and every time.

Be business-minded

You deal in sexual attraction and the allure and sensuality of high-class female company. Your appeal is magnetic, and you know how to hold a man in the palm of your hand, in more ways than one. But your work as an escort goes beyond this. It is your livelihood, after all. It is your business, and you should treat it as such.

So, explore the market. Find out what your competitors are offering. Do your research, and make sure that you are offering the best experience possible to clients. This is not only how you attract more clients — but how you attract the right clients.

To learn more about how to up the sophistication and prestige levels, while still maintaining the air of sultry sexiness, get in touch with our team today.


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