Interview with Miss Vee – Brisbane Based Companion
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Interview with Miss Vee – Brisbane Based Companion

Below is a recent interview with the ever so alluring Brisbane escort Miss Vee , the full interview can be found on Sex Work Oz Promotions.

Let us introduce you to Miss Vee. She is a Brisbane Based companion with loads of personality. Miss Vee is a curvy BBW Lady who offers you a genuine Girlfriend experience and will put you at ease from the moment you meet with her. She is intelligent and beautiful and will bring intimacy into your life in a way you may have been missing.

Check out her interview below and at the bottom of the post will be links to her Mayfair Profile and twitter.

So, we have had a read of your twitter, and notice that you have a great selection of experiences you have on offer. We would love to hear more about the different experience you offer.

I think I offer the same services as many other sex workers, e.g. full-service appointments and dinner dates, but I’ve also always been interested in trying new approaches to providing intimacy. Cuddle services have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, but what I’ve been enjoying the most is providing what I call a “Digital Girlfriend Experience.”

Some clients are too shy to go through with a full-service booking, or maybe don’t have the budget to spend on in person meetings; and I think this is a clever solution.

I came to the idea when I read an article online talking about the rise of start-up companies providing online girlfriends for lonely men and women. I thought that it was a brilliant idea and set about figuring out how I could offer something similar. Since I launched the service it’s been a massive hit for me. I genuinely enjoy the daily interactions I have, and I’ve noticed that these guys have a lot more self-confidence after we’ve been chatting for a few weeks.

We see that you have been studying at Uni. Is the degree you’re currently studying the only one you have, or have you studied other things as well?

I love studying and was bitten by the bug quite a few years ago. I currently hold a bachelors in IT and a Diploma of Counselling. Right now I’m incredibly focused on finishing a Bachelor of Laws and I’ve just started a Bachelor of Science (Environment and Sustainability.)

We would love to hear what your favourite date with a client would look like.

I love all my bookings and am grateful for every client that chooses me to provide them with the intimacy they desire. Having said that, my favourite dates are ones that are long enough for us to chat, flirt and build up the sexual tension before we get to the good stuff!

When you aren’t studying or working what kind of things can we find you getting up to?

I’m currently working on writing my second fiction novel with the hopes of submitting it to some publishers this year – I work on it whenever I can, which unfortunately isn’t much. If I’m not writing, I’m likely in the garden trying to keep my veggie patch and fruit garden safe from all the native wildlife in my area. There’s a very sneaky possum making excellent headways into my passionfruit tree, the little bugger!

If you had to describe your style and personality how would you describe it to the world?

My style can be quite loud, I think. My favourite colour to wear is red because I like the way it looks against my fair skin. My personality… probably infectious. I seem to have a way of making people laugh and feel safe when they’re with me.

We know you are based in Brisbane, what is it about Brisbane that appeals to you as a city and do you have any favourite spots you like to explore or experience in town?

The things I love about this little city are the things that can also frustrate me at times. Ole Brisvagas can be a bit like a country town at times, everyone knows everyone! Especially in certain industries. My favourite thing though is that you can walk from one end of the CBD to the other in the tiniest amount of time, and everything you need is right in the middle!

The QLD state library is a favourite haunt of mine and you can usually find me there on the weekend having a coffee and procrastinating on whatever assignment I have due by researching totally unrelated topics!

If a client wants to take you on a dinner date where would you love for them to take you?

If it’s casual, any pub that offers a great steak. And if my guy is looking for a fancy evening then Sono Japanese restaurant would be my pick.

What would be your favourite perfume?

La Vie Est Belle L’Eclat Eau de Parfum. It’s made by Lancôme and I pretty much enjoy every perfume they make.

If someone wants to spend time with you how is the best way for them to arrange that? And if they have never seen a sex worker, how do you like to make them feel at ease about spending time with you?

SMS or email works best for me. Give as much notice as you can and be prepared to pay a deposit – all those things will have me ready and raring to go

The main driver behind my creating my twitter back in 2017, was to show clients that I’m genuine and provide them with a way to see my personality before they decide to make a booking with me.

If a client is nervous when they’re meeting me, I usually try to make them laugh and chat with them until I can see they’re less tense.

Tell us something you would love to share with the world that they just need to know about you.

I LOVE BEING A SEX WORKER! I take pride in my work and the services I provide and feel blessed that I can make a living by loving and providing intimacy to my clients.

For the best way to contact Miss Vee check out her Mayfair Confidential Profile or follow her on Twitter.