Interview Series: Constance Azura Sydney Escort
By Mayfair Confidential
Interview Series: Constance Azura Sydney Escort

Mayfair Confidential Interview – Constance Azura

Question: I’m looking for a brunette beauty with exotic features, high cheekbones and full kissable lips?

Answer: Constance Azura

Constance Azura isn’t just a Sydney escort. Her skill is the master of her art. It’s the art of seduction she has always loved and will always be passionate about. Constance is down to earth, accommodating and easy to talk to – one to share a joke, laugh and even shed a tear.

Given that the incredible Constance has recently joined Mayfair Confidential, then what better way to get to know her through a few quick questions?

Links to Constance’s Mayfair Confidential profile, personal twitter and website can be found below

  1. So Constance, for those that don’t know, how did you get into the adult industry? I actually got into it by accident. I came across an escort agency site during a time when I was online dating and thought ‘why not?’
  2. We love that you have a great online presence on twitter and onlyfans. What would you say benefits of an adult service provider being online? Having an online presence especially social media allows you to engage and it’s a lot more personable, bringing your profile to ‘life’.
    Constance Azura Mayfair Confidential
  3. No doubt that 2020 has been a difficult year for so many Australians. How are you going with everything that is going on? It was a bit of a shock to the system to be honest, quite scary as I didn’t know what to do with myself. But it also gave me time to reassess my future plans and form an exit strategy goal as well.
  4. We can all agree that a client behaving provide for great experiences. In your opinion, what does a great experience with a client look like? What could a client do to make you happy? I feel being booked makes me happy enough. But what is important for me is that we both enjoy ourselves and as long as we both understand our boundaries and have a mutual respect for one another, I couldn’t ask for a better booking experience.
  5. When you aren’t working, what kind of things can we find you getting up to? Keeping up with social media I am finding is quite important, I feel I need to be on the ball with everything and to not let my profile become stagnant. Other than that I am just chilling and relaxing and sleeping.. heheConstance Azura Sydney Escort
  6. We know you are based in Sydney. What do you love about Sydney and do you have any favourite spots? I do love being close to the beach. Bondi Beach would be one of my faves at the moment, I just love the relaxed vibe of being by the ocean. Another favourite spot would be Barangaroo.
  7. What’s the best way for someone to contact you? Either by way of email or SMS, I dont mind.
  8. Tell us something that we don’t know! What does the world just need to know about Constance Azura? I am obsessed with Dachshunds! I just love everything about them!

Check out Constance Azura’s Mayfair Confidential Profile, personal website or follow her on Twitter.