Interview Series: Markus Kendrick Melbourne Male Escort
By Mayfair Confidential
Interview Series: Markus Kendrick Melbourne Male Escort

Imagine a male who is remarkably funny, devilishly handsome, extraordinarily humble, a casual weight hoister, competent beard grower, novice pool player and an amateur kickboxer?

Well you don’t have to imagine! The one and only Markus Kendrick (aka the Viking) is your perfect Melbourne male escort, chasing ambitious dreams and audacious venture – think a calm breeze in a world of raging storms.

Now that you probably want to get know Markus Kendrick, what better way to flavour that the following short interview.

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  • For those who don’t know, how did you get into the industry?

Every tale worth listening to starts with “that’s a funny story.” After my friend with benefits at the time quit her job she needed a temporary solution. I asked her why she wouldn’t consider a brothel for a little while, her blowjobs after all were worth money. When I brought this up it seemed out of the question but having eventually considered the prospect she went from working in a brothel to escorting which she now heavily advocates for. She suggested I should try being a male companion / escort myself. I scoffed at the idea initially, for starters I’m flirting illiterate, I’m absolutely hopeless, I have an extremely polarising personality and honestly, how on earth was I going to compete with these model grade male escorts who were already advertising online. A few years passed and I’d been working hard on my personal development, right in the midst of my Mauy Thai training I felt like I’d hit a point where I was happy with my physique. I felt confident… confident enough to dip my toe into the escort life. You see, ironically I have a camera phobia and I’ll do anything to avoid being in a photo or video so getting my photo shoot done was interesting for sure. I’d already told my folks about what I was going to do, Mum is so proud, she has the photos up at her house now, which would be hilarious if her friends ever recognised them. But my sister didn’t get it, she kept asking why I had these photos taken seemingly out of nowhere. At the time she was working overseas so I rang her one day to tell her about it. The look on her face was priceless but overall I’m really grateful my family has been so supportive.

  • What are the most rewarding aspects of being a male companion and escort?

For me, the absolute most rewarding part is thinking back to where I came from. Even as recently as 2016 I would have never had the courage to even consider myself a worthy product for consumption. In high school I’d rather play video games and paint Warhammer figurines than play sports or learn how to tinker with cars, my friends and I got picked on regularly. I’m convinced every tooth in my mouth is a sweet tooth and I was always so self conscious about the gaps between them I’d refuse to smile. In my early adult life when I had braces, I got a horrific case of cystic acne on my face, chest, back and shoulders which took a long time to get treated. I was studying at the time but outside of attending classes I’d lock myself up in my apartment, awkwardness and social anxiety quickly turned into becoming a full time recluse. I spent more than three years without any physical or emotional contact which even to this day has left me scratching my head about certain aspects of basic human interactions. I also understand the psychological damage one can sustain from a long term toxic relationship or even being attached to a partner who is verbally and physically abusive for a longer period of time. I am very blessed my face was spared from the severe scarring I still have on my chest, back and shoulders but these days I wear them happily because they serve as reminder that everyone struggles with something and that everyone deserves empathy. Ironically I feel that I have been able to connect with my clients on a deeper level because of my past. It’s been a wonderful experience to have a client open up to the point they feel comfortable with me, to take steps in overcoming anxiety or simply to reach out for the companionship / attention / intimacy that we all need. I’ve only had positive experiences that I can reflect on fondly.

  • No doubt 2020 has been difficult year for a lot of people. How are you going with everything that’s going on? 

For me it’s been fine, my friends and family are in perfect health and I can’t wait to be able to catch up with them again. I have been self employed for 10 years now and I am not allowed to operate until the lock down is lifted which has been frustrating. My Mauy Thai (Thai kickboxing) has unfortunately taken a back seat and I don’t think I’ll be returning to it with the intent to compete, that was one of my short term goal.  Training has been the most difficult part for me, or rather, lack of it. I’m an all in or nothing person and the initial inconsistency lead to neglect, even resulting in falling back into some old eating habits. These things are ultimately very trivial, I know it’s only temporary and many people have been affected far worse than I have. Apart from that, I’m absolutely on fire creatively, I haven’t been able to enjoy doing art for my own pleasure on such a consistent basis for almost 8 years. I love my job but ultimately it is a job and sometimes I wonder if I still have that creative spirit that compels me to draw for hours every day. I feel exceptionally humbled and strangely reinvigorated having been forced back into a state of being poor, isolated and constantly wrestling with the teeth that are begging me to consume snacks all day long.

  • We can all agree that a client behaving nicely provides a great experience. In your opinion, what does a great experience with a client look like? What could a client do to make you happy?

As a male companion I see every date as an opportunity to create happiness for my client. What really makes me happy is how the ladies who have reached out so far have made a genuine effort in their communication and being present throughout the date, taking the extra time to talk and get comfortable with each other which really helps to put everyone at ease. I’ve had the privilege of being treated to some magnificent dinners, sharing a dessert, sipping a hot chocolate while taking a stroll on a sunny day, a strong beverage at a relaxed club and even board games and snacks to help break the ice. I definitely appreciate little gestures like that or a kind acknowledgement when I take the extra time to walk a client to her car for example. Things like that are the reason I love this job, and it always makes me smile to read back a beautiful review.

  • When you are not working, what kind of things can we find you getting up to.

My existence is based around structure and routine and it remains blissfully monotonous. I do the same thing at the same time every week and need to plan ahead for any alterations to my schedule. It sounds drastic, but these days it’s purely an efficiency thing, I like being productive. My compulsive self management used to be less forgiving than it is now. I used to organise my days by the half hour and write lists of tasks I needed to complete every day in the order I was going to do them. Upon completion I’d cross the task off and I couldn’t sway from the plan or the sequence would be messed up. I’d descend into a state of aimlessness and would be unable to initiate the preceding task. If I had to change the order of the tasks I’d have to rewrite the entire list from scratch. In other words, I can tell you exactly what I’m doing when I’m not working and unfortunately it’s not very exciting. Prior to the lock down I’d go to yoga in the morning, follow up with a run, Mauy Thai training three days a week or weight training two days a week. I start my week getting all the domestic chores out of the way, then I have two days where I spend time either oil painting, drawing or painting Warhammer figurines. Thursday to Sunday I work my day job and I train Mauy Thai on weeknights, unless I have the privilege to serve as a companion.

  • What are three things you really love about Melbourne?

Occasionally I’ll let my hair down and such an occasion usually revolves around a celebration of some description. I’d say on average I have a big night three or four times a year and they can be pretty spontaneous considering my rigid routine. I really enjoy going for a crawl through the city where we stumble from one distinct atmosphere into another and play pool at every opportunity. Being born in Holland and having parents who’d take us caravanning every year, we sampled many European cultures growing up. It’s very easy to hop from one country to another from Holland. Covering the same distance between Melbourne and Cairns brings you through Belgium, France, Spain all the way to Portugal. Yet Australia is still always Australia somehow. What’s great about Melbourne is how well it serves as a cultural hub. I appreciate being made aware of communities, customs and being exposed to music, food and whatever. However, what I associate most heavily with Melbourne is the concert scene. Somehow people are rarely surprised when I tell them I am into extreme genres of music. I guess people don’t really think about it until it gets brought up and then it’s like “oh yeah, I can see that.” I’m all about seeing metal bands performing live. Most people simply wouldn’t know but a Death Metal gig is a rather intimate affair, the venue is always small, you’re amongst a select group of people who are all free thinking, equally fanatic about the music and you can get very close to the artists. I took my friend mentioned in the first question to a show at the end of last year because she’d heard me talk about it and she’d seen footage on my phone from shows but she, like many just didn’t understand how ear splitting beats, scary looking guys and girls with spiked wristbands and a hurricane of clashing bodies in front of the stage could possibly translate into an intimate affair. Apparently it was an eye opener but no doubt she’d happily attend another. To me, Melbourne is a series of fond recollections that got me through my lonely early adult life where walking certain streets, passing certain shops, taking a certain tram or eating from a certain food outlet, sitting on a certain park bench or strolling across a certain junction can trigger a host of nostalgic associations to bands I still love listening to or events that took place during a great evening out.

  • What’s the best way to contact you?

I prefer all initial contact to be done via email. After that, depending on my client’s needs we can move to text message or a phone call.

  • Tell us something we don’t know. What does the world need to know about you?

Hmm, what does the world need to know about me? Well, I possess the rare ability to slam a revolving door… But not really. I can’t think of anything particularly fascinating that the world should know. I guess what people should know is one aspect of my personality people find so unique, and that’s my sense of humor. I feel my sense of humor attributes to very positive feedback about my profile but that also depends on the tone of the reader. In general though, my humor is very dry. After all, life is only a meme, right? I like making people smile, a smile goes a long way even in an awkward or upsetting situation. I like making people laugh, especially about things they feel they shouldn’t laugh about. On top of that, I suffer from a condition called RSF (resting serious face), dad jokes and puns aside, even most of my other jokes wouldn’t be considered classic comedy but watching a palm rear-end a blank expression or an exaggerated eye roll gives me equal satisfaction, I know they got it.

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