Interview Series: Sarah Livio TS Melbourne Escort
By Mayfair Confidential
Interview Series: Sarah Livio TS Melbourne Escort

Mayfair Confidential – Sarah Livio

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a TS escort? Well you don’t have to anymore. The one and only Sarah Livio will give you such a great insight. For those who don’t know Sarah, she is a pre-op trans girl from Melbourne, Victoria who offers a girlfriend experience, companion, pornstar experience and submissive BDSM.

Sarah is the perfect combination of sexy, fun, gorgeous and adventurous. Links to Sarah’s Mayfair Confidential profile (and personal twitter) can be found below:

  1. So Sarah, tell us about you and how you got in the adult industry?I’ve always dreamt about being able to please people for a living. Ever since I was quite young the adult industry appealed to me in a lot of ways, being seen as a desirable sexual icon which would appeal to a lot of people sexually and emotionally was incredibly appealing to me. I get a lot of satisfaction from fulfilling my clients emotional and sexual desires. So once I got the chance to finally be able to do what I’ve always dreamt of doing is so satisfying for me, since being pleased and to please is what I enjoy the most.
  2. We can all agree that 2020 has been a difficult year for various reasons. How are you going with everything going on?I have to agree that it hasn’t been easy, but I think I’ve been able to push myself through it and try to stay motivated and positive. It’s been great in looking for other ways to satisfy clients and to continue working in the adult industry. Working online has been really great through streaming and making my own content. So I’m really hoping that things can go back to normal really soon so that we can try to live and work face to face with clients with less fear.
  3. We can see that you have offer a good range of experiences. We would love to hear about the different experiences you offer including any virtual adult services you offer?Other than working face to face with clients, I also work as a camgirl online on streaming platforms like chaturbate, and I also create my own content on sites like onlyfans, so doing online content really helps me with getting myself out there and people getting to know me better and not just here in Melbourne or within Australia, but also overseas. If anyone wants to know about my online content I’m always open to directing people to them so that they can get to see me doing my thing.
  4. So Sarah, tell us what would a great experience with a client would look like? What could a client do to make you happy?As a girl who offers a pornstar experience and BDSM as a submissive, a great experience for me would be someone meeting with clients who are looking to play a dominant role and wants to be demanding things from me, from vanilla to kinky sex. If a client isn’t experienced then I’m always ready to give confidence and direction to my clients if they want to be dominant or just let me do my thing to satisfy them. As a companion or a gf experience, a great experience would be with a client who would want to wine and dine me and treat me as their girl for an intimate, exciting and fun time. It’s really important to me that I adapt to my clients needs both sexually and emotionally so that we have a great experience together.
  5. When you aren’t working, what kind of things can we find you getting up to?In my free time I love to work out, relax, and enjoy my time with friends and going out and living up the night life. I’m a girl who loves excitement and entertainment. Shopping is one of my favourite things so bonus points to anyone who wants to take me out shopping and spoil me. I’m a bit of a daddy’s girl. I also love food so like i’m always eating really healthy and enjoy all kinds of foods from different cultures. Being a very active performer in the adult industry a lot of my free time also goes towards streaming and making my own content. It’s something I love doing and a lot of the time I don’t even consider streaming and making content as work but more like just having fun.
  6. We know you are based in the very trendy Melbourne. What do you love about Melbourne and do you have any favourite spots?What I love about Melbourne is that most people are pretty friendly and there is a lot of diversity with people being here from all over the world and there’s so much diversity in gender and sexuality. There is so many great people within kink scenes and so many other areas. Some of the spots I love in Melbourne are the bars and clubs in the city, there’s so many to choose from and going out in Melbourne will always leave you with having a great night out. I’m a bit of a party girl and love being taken out for dinner or drinks and a dance, so with Melbourne having a great night life it suits me well and it makes me really happy.
  7. What’s the best way for someone to contact you?The best way to contact me would be by phone or email by booking me through our booking system on Mayfair. I’m always excited to hear from my clients so feel free to contact me at any time.
  8. Tell us something that we don’t know! What does the world just need to know about you?I think what the world needs to know that I’m a’lot of fun to be around and that I always try to bring some excitement to people’s lives. I’m motivated and always trying to stay positive. I love what I do and I’m enjoying myself so much right now, and that it’s just the beginning for me so I’m hoping that things will only continue to get better and more exciting which means that i will too.

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