Interview with Miss Zoey – Brisbane Based Companion
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Interview with Miss Zoey – Brisbane Based Companion

Let us introduce you to Miss Zoey, She is a Brisbane Based Companion. Best described as a friendly down to earth, Girl Next Door type. Are you looking for some genuine and fun company? Read through her interview below and check out her advertising linked below and hopefully you can arrange an enjoyable time together.

We know you are based in Brisbane and mainly offer outcalls with the occasional incall. If someone wants to spend time with you, how would you describe the sort of service you offer to them?

I really do enjoy the company and being completely sensual, intimate and passionate. I love providing a full girlfriend experience service. Taking my time to tease & really ignite the passion. Nothing like a great first kiss to getting the ball rolling. Ending with some pillow talk, snuggles and a relaxing massage to wind down.

We saw on your twitter that you have called yourself a Yoga Queen, is this the only way you like to keep fit and healthy or do you enjoy other forms of exercise as well? What is it you enjoy about doing Yoga?

I love being in the gym when I get time. Although sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow me much time. I try and get a yoga session via my iPad at the hotels when I get a spare half hour. I love meditating and taking the time to focus & wind down, Stretch out my body & relax from the weekly stresses. Exercise is my time out for me. I do enjoy other forms of exercise from weight training to HIIT training with the Les Mills sprint ( bike) class or outdoor Bootcamp training.

If you were to describe your personality and style how would you describe yourself to others?

My personality can be described as a little shy at first but I warm up fast. Before you know it we are laughing and joking like best friends. I am bubbly, talkative, friendly, easy-going and quite open-minded. I love to show respect, be kind and genuine in everything I do. My style – I do enjoy dressing up for him with some nice heels and lingerie underneath my outfit. I can also be casual & comfortable if that’s more fitting. If he happens to have a request – by all means, text me your ideas. I’d love to hear it.

When you aren’t working, what kind of things can we find you doing? What are some of your passions and interests?

I don’t have any particular hobbies. I am not artistic, or musical. I definitely have two left so I am not the best dancer, even though after a few drinks I think I have all the moves. Singing is also something I would spare the world from hearing. When I am not working I lead a boring life, I actually love doing the simple things if I’m not catching up on sleep or reading a good book. I try and catch up with some friends when I can. I also enjoy getting out to do hiking, canoeing or the beach in the warmer months, and the gym of course.

What led you to the decision to be a companion? Have you been doing it very long? What is it that you find yourself liking about being a companion?

How I got into this line of work is a long story. Which you can find the backstory on my blog if you find yourself with some spare time. I have been working on and off for quite a while now, longer than I expected. I guess I liked the job so much I found it hard to resist returning. I like the fact two days are not the same. I enjoy being my own boss, doing my own hours. Prior, I used to work 7 days a week with 10 hour days, every day I dreaded going to work. It was a job that I couldn’t grow in and it didn’t challenge me. So I quit and began this job. I enjoy many aspects of the job, including the sex. It’s more to me than the money. I enjoy the company, meeting new people, the list is endless. I am so grateful and appreciative the client has taken the time to chose me out of all the other lovely companions to spend their time with. I honestly enjoy nothing more than fulfilling someone’s desire and being everything they crave for that time they spend with me.

If someone wanted an extended date with you, where they took you out to dinner or to do an activity before heading back for playtime, what would be your idea of a fun extended date with someone be?

I love this question. I’m a bit of a romantic I do prefer the simple dates more than something extravagant – So possibly going to a fresh water creek with a waterfall. Having a picnic, a nice glass of wine, with some fruit and nibbles to eat enjoying the scenery and each other’s company. Then back to the room for some intimate playtime.

Do you ever tour outside of Brisbane? Or do you choose only to work and see people in Brisbane?

I do tour sometimes, not as often as I used to. But only to the Gold Coast Or Sunshine Coast. I have had my eye on coming to Sydney or Melbourne for the weekend. But, at the moment it is only an idea. Hopefully, in the future, I can.

If a client from out of state saw your profile and wanted to fly you to his town or city to spend time with them, is this something you would consider or be interested in doing?

Yes absolutely. Weekends are best for me at this point as I am part time I do unfortunately have limited time for these kinds of dates. But, of course, this is definitely an option.

If someone was a first time client, and they wanted to see you how can they make a good first impression with you and how can they arrange a time to see you?

Firstly, tell me everything they are considering, so I can do my best to make their first time everything they wanted. I would hate for them to not get to do everything they were thinking of. I’m not too fussed on receiving gifts or flowers – Although I wouldn’t say no, I would much rather enjoy making them feel relaxed and enjoy themselves. To arrange a time, text or call me, book an appointment time, complete my booking requests, and let the fun begin.

Lastly is there anything you would love to share with us about yourself. What is there to know about you that you think people would be interested in knowing?
People wouldn’t expect me to have a love for speed! I really enjoy driving fast, Gunning it on the straight. Maybe in another life, I could be a race car driver.