Interview with Rain Morgan – Melbourne Based Pro Sub & Swingers Specialist
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Interview with Rain Morgan – Melbourne Based Pro Sub & Swingers Specialist


Interview with Rain Morgan – Sex Work Oz Promotions

Let us introduce you to Rain Morgan. She is an Melbourne escort. She offers a range of experiences that are a little different to the others. While she offers a genuine girlfriend experience, she also is the perfect guide into the world of Swinging and Kink. She is a Pro Sub with tons of personal experience. She is friendly and great company and would love to explore new things with you. Read below to find out more and her website is listed at the bottom of this interview.


So we had a read through your website and have noticed you offer a fun range of different services ranging from GFE to Swingers to Pro Sub. What is it that drew you to want to offer these kinds of services as we know some of them aren’t as common.

Basically, I offer what I like to do myself. I’m kinky and a sub, I love teaching people new experiences, whether it be how to use a violet wand or the rules of a swingers party.

I noticed there was a niche missing where newbies to the swinging scene are super nervous attending events on their own and don’t know the rules and how to conduct themselves, I thought I’d use my previous experience attending events in my private life and help guide clients through this experience. Its worked out well! I don’t provide any services I don’t 100% enjoy myself.



We have seen you are based in Melbourne and you mentioned you are a foodie as well as like things like Art and History. So Melbourne would be a good place to live if you love these things. If a client wanted to take you on a night or day out on the town before going back to have a play, where are some places you would recommend them to take you to enjoy together?

Ooh, hard question! A perfect day to me would be going to the NGV to wander around looking at the exhibitions, going to Chinatown or to Lygon St for lunch, popping into Eagle Leather to try some goodies, and back to the hotel for some fun.

I love attending art exhibitions, theatre shows, and trying random little restaurants scattered around Melbourne. I’m not fussed on fancy restaurants for dates. I like small little random places. Some of my fave restaurants in Melbourne are Nobu, Yoyogi on Swanston St, White Tomato, Bar Lourinha, Milk the Cow, Rare Steakhouse, but I’m also just as happy at a cheap bolthole in the city.

I also love attending fetish events with clients when I get the chance!



When it comes to your Swingers Experience is this something you get asked to do regularly. Have you had previous experiences at Swingers events prior to offering it as a service?

Yes, I do a few a month. Obviously, it’s not as widely asked for as other services, but I’ve become well known for it. Yes, I did in my private life. I truly think if you take clients to a space like a swingers party or undertake a group sex booking having experience in your private life is incredibly important for safety and generally knowing what you are up for. I offer advice to other workers on this pretty often.

Having previous experience means I have my finger on the pulse of the swingers scene in Melbourne and can offer all this info and guidance to my clients in curating the right experience for them.



We know you occasionally go on tour to Canberra. Are there other places you like to head to on tour, or even are there places that you would love to go to on tour but haven’t tried out?

I do yes! I love visiting Canberra, as well as the Riverina area. I am keen to return to Swan Hill and to visit Bathurst, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney, and Darwin. I’ve also been considering a trip down the Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland.

I’m open to touring most places, clients just need to let me know where they would like to see me.



If someone wants to spend time with you, how can they make a good first impression and ensure that a session goes ahead?

Providing information on what they are after and responding quickly are things that definitely catch my eye. The date, time, location, length and services after in a session as well as their name, in the first enquiry is wonderful! I also definitely appreciate proper grammar.

Clients who secure bookings in five texts or less definitely make me excited to meet them.



If a client wanted to organise a session with you and another provider, is this something you offer? And if it is do you have providers you love to offer these sessions with?

Yes! I do not do enough doubles and would love more! I can provide doubles with Peyton Sins and Angel Parker. I’m also happy to consult other workers and see if they are happy to provide this service with me if the client has someone in mind.



When you arent with your clients, how do you like to spend your time? What other interests and passions do you like to indulge in?

I spend most of my time writing articles, reading, studying, going out for drink dates with friends, attending markets and special festivals like at Queen Vic Market, binging Netflix, op shopping, and volunteering for local government. I am passionate about disability, politics, kink and could talk about these topics for ages.



If you were to describe your style and personality to potential clients how would you describe yourself?

My style, as for how I dress I’d describe it as elegant and sexy. I love shopping and clothes and like to look polished, with a bit of my quirky personality and vintage love peeking out. I’m a big fan of body hugging dresses and colourful skirts with a low-cut or sheer top person.

As for my personality, I’m vivacious, fun-loving, easy to talk to, witty, intelligent, hard-working and determined, articulate, friendly, kind, compassionate, bubbly, genuine and a bit of a dork.



In terms of your Pro Sub / Kink Sessions have you had previous training as such or is your experience based on your own experience and exploration?

No, I haven’t had formal training. I have had a personal experience by being in the kink scene for four years. I am constantly learning and asking other fetish workers for advice on certain things. I only offer services with kink that I have experienced previously and feel certain I can guide clients on safely.

I have tried and experienced many different things in the BDSM world and am incredibly passionate about kink and always excited to try new things with clients. I feel BDSM is something you are constantly improving your skills on and learning about.



Lastly, what is something you would love to share with those reading about yourself?

Some workers put on personas when they see clients but I’m very much just myself at work. I’m funny, kind, obsessed with Doctor Who, could tell you about which Harry Potter house is better for hours, and passionate about sex, swinging and BDSM.

Don’t be scared to approach me for a booking, take a chance and let us have a fun time.



To find out more check out Rain Morgans Website