When Australians think of university, many seem to forget about the large debt that comes with it. With student debts, it's almost impossible to get through tertiary education without a job unless you have significant savings or financial support from your family/friends. So is it really any surprise that more students are turning to sex work than ever before? With ever-rising rental prices, cost of living and the curriculum becoming more demanding with mandatory hours of study per week / per subject, it’s no wonder that various interviews with students at a number of Melbo Read More

In New South Wales alone at least 10,000 sex workers are operating at any one time. But yet the societal stigma against sex workers never punishes the client—only the worker. Why is that? Being ‘outed’ as a sex worker can lead to loss of employment, social rejection, and a lack of access to resources. Of course what doesn’t assist is legal variances between states. Whilst states like New South Wales have legalised sex work, others like Victoria force sex workers to obtain a license. It’s 2019 yet society has been unable to eradicate the unfounded negative light for sex workers. Yet it’s an industry that has existed for centuries. Read More

When booking accommodation, whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, one of the top places to look is Airbnb – mainly for their lower prices, convenient locations and to “live like a local”. Really it’s a no brainer and for a travelling escort using Airbnb would be no different, until now. Recently, stories have been coming to life about various sex workers around the world having their private Airbnb accounts terminated. When they ask why, they are told in an around about way that their accounts “didn’t follow our Terms of Service and community standards”. This happened to US based sex worker Read More

Finally a sex industry podcast worth listening to! Sydney escort Arianna Gold provides a straightforward, energetic and informative podcast which tells it how it is. From talking about the stigma around sex workers with Abi D'Winters to a chat with Bella Green who is taking the Australian comedy world by storm - there is something for everyone. Since December 2018, the 'Golden Touch' has aired:

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