My friend Jemma and I LOVE it when we are booked together. Our close friendship and ease with one another is compounded with mutual sexual attraction which means we always have a fantastic time together. We generally find that when we meet with a man together for the first time they are nervous, and unsure about what to expect, so I wanted to write a brief overview to help ease any apprehension and encourage those that are considering a threesome to stop procrastinating and try what can be an incredible experience. Once a client has passed our screening process and confirmed our appointment with a deposit, I like to ask if there is anything specific Read More

I hope everyone in Perth is enjoying this beautiful weather. I for one love the heat, getting hot is something I have enjoyed for quite some time now. The downside of the heat is it can leave you feeling lethargic, and today I have done not much more than lounge around and think (fantasise) about a meet I have on Monday with my favourite client. I want to take my time to get ready for my favourite client. I want my skin to be silky smooth and gently perfumed. I want my hair to be clean and styled in such a way that he cannot wait to mess it up, and I want to choose an outfit and lingerie that he will appreciate. My favourite client is a gentleman Read More

Ugh, so it happened again? Another term has that is getting used more regularly in the adult service industry but many are not really sure what it means? Deep down you want to ask questions but you feel a tad awkward... not to worry, Mayfair Confidential is here to give you a hand (no pun intended).

1.What is a Nuru Massage?

The nuru massage today is an interpretation of a traditional Japanese massage originating from the Kawasaki province. The unique “nuru” (Japanese word for slippery) massage is an experience where the masseuse is completely naked and applies a lotion to the client and their own body Read More

Let us introduce you to Sekushi Studios! They are one of Australia’s leading boudoir and lifestyle photographers creating content for escorts in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia wide. Having been impressed with Sekushi’s portfolio of work, the team at Mayfair Confidential thought it would be a good idea to reach out and obtain a little more info about what they are about and what they could do for you!

  • So tell us a little about Sekushi Studios and what sets you apart from the rest?

Sekushi Read More