Sekushi Studios | The Artist Behind The Lens
By Mayfair Confidential
Sekushi Studios | The Artist Behind The Lens

Let us introduce you to Sekushi Studios! They are one of Australia’s leading boudoir and lifestyle photographers creating content for escorts in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia wide.

Having been impressed with Sekushi’s portfolio of work, the team at Mayfair Confidential thought it would be a good idea to reach out and obtain a little more info about what they are about and what they could do for you!

  • So tell us a little about Sekushi Studios and what sets you apart from the rest?

Sekushi Studios is owned and operated only by me, Andy. Sekushi means sexy in Japanese. My wife actually came up with that name. It’s the perfect name because I think its important to remember that sexiness is incredibly important to my clients, so creating work that is sexy is one of the most important things my business aims to deliver.

I don’t think there’s anything unique about my style of photography, though I’m lucky that the work I produce seems to resonate well with both my clients, and the clients of my clients. There are so many talented photographers out there, so I think its important to me for my business to be more than just a business. I aim to put the serve into service provider and give my clients a great experience from start to finish. I try to put my clients first so I am not afraid to step out of styles I’m familiar or comfortable with in order to deliver exactly what my clients want. I also aim to do what I can to support the broader adult industry where I can. This includes shooting for free for charity fundraisers, hosting a Christmas party every year for my clients, doing giveaways and providing resources and support for partners of sex workers in my free time.

Beyond that I have very recently received accreditation by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers. This means that a panel of my peers, other professional photographers, consider my work to be of a professional standard. As an Accredited Professional Photographer I also need to abide by a Code of Professional Practice, have appropriate insurance and comply with other legal business requirements mandated by the AIPP. All this should simply give my clients greater confidence in relying on my service.

  • For those that haven’t seen your work, what does a common photoshoot look like with Sekushi Studios? How do you accommodate different needs and wants on set?

I think the busy fashion photo shoot sets we see in the media are about as far away from what a shoot with me is like. My best work happens when my clients are at ease so I am calm, I put music on, have a bottle of sparkling to relax any nerves, and help with absolutely anything that needs to be done, like ironing or zipping up dresses. I also take a minute to confirm what outfits my clients have and what they are trying to achieve from the shoot. That way I can try to deliver exactly what they want.


  • If you could give us the biggest ‘do’ and the biggest ‘don’t’ when it comes to the day of the shoot, what would each be?

Do communicate. I love planning shoots and I love being mentally prepared before a shoot to ensure that I am working to provide precisely what my client wants from me. To help me with that I give my clients plenty of opportunity to let me know what they are after.

Don’t leave too much to the day of the shoot. If you have a busy schedule on the day of the shoot, things might run over time and you might be late to a shoot and that will stress you out. Sometimes I have time to accommodate but sometimes that will mean having to cut a shoot short if I have other commitments.

  • We know first-hand with some of the escorts and companions advertising on MC, that your work exposes personality through individual vibrancy and attractiveness. How do you bring that to the surface in order for it to be captured by your lens?

For those into astrology I’m a Capricorn, so I have a calming personality which brings the best out of people. Beyond that I do my homework and try to get an idea of the personality my clients are trying to market and working out the best way to communicate that, prior to the shoot.

  • What is the most beneficial aspect of getting professional photography done as an escort as opposed to an escort doing it themselves?

I think its like paying for any service. We get cleaners at home so that’s no longer our headache. The best thing about getting a professional photographer would be being able to rely on them to help with styling, posing, lighting and all the other ingredients to creating beautiful pictures.

  • What do your packages look like?  Do you have different price points to accommodate different needs?

All my packages were created with purpose, whether to accommodate to smaller budgets or to a smaller demand. My mini shoots are 1 hour shoots and include 6 professionally retouched images for $450. I also have a larger package that includes a longer 3 hour shoot and 12 images for $800. The mini shoots are perfect if you don’t have a big budget, if you just want a quick update of your photos or if you just need a few extra pics to liven up your social media feeds.

  • In your blog posts you speak openly, and refreshingly, about giving back to sex workers with your newly structured pricing. Could you tell us a little more about this why you decided to do this? 

As mentioned earlier one of the ways of setting my business apart from others is trying to be more than just a business by putting the serve back into service provider. I was very happy with my previous pricing structure, but it wasn’t giving me much financial freedom. I wanted to raise my rates but also not put myself out of reach of certain people who form part of an incredibly diverse group of sex workers. However, I think what I am doing now strikes the right balance and while my rates have gone up, I can now also do things like shoot for free for a good cause and do more giveaways, and still provide for my family.

  • Do you have any upcoming photoshoot tours and how can an adult service provider go about making an inquiry with Sekushi Studios?

I tour Sydney every month. I am hoping to be in Barcelona and London in April on my first ever European Tour. I am also hoping to be in Perth around May. I can be contacted via direct message on Twitter and Instagram. Otherwise I’m also contactable via email or the contact form on my website.