Tantra Yoga for Sex Workers
By Mayfair Confidential
Tantra Yoga for Sex Workers

Tantra yoga is a sensual yet sexual practice. It’s often confused with Kama Sutra – which is actually over a thousand years old. The practice tantra yoga focuses on the forging of spiritual energy within the body. Popularised by the use in couples therapy, this Hindu prescription is said to help couples reconnect on a spiritual and sexual level. That said, couples are not the only patience’s receiving the sex yoga healing. This ancient remedy has been known to successfully help sex addicts in achieving personal goals of celibacy.

So the power of tantra yoga sounds impressive. But how does it work and could these practices benefit a sex worker? The focus point of the practice is said to awaken the kundalini (the divine energy) which is made up of your life force. Many people begin on this path for a number of health benefits such as:

  • a sense of sexual cleansing;
  • orgasmic awakening; and
  • sexual reset.

So after much hype, we decide on giving it a go. Because what’s the use of talking about without trying it right?

A standard Kriyas (yoga lesson / teaching) tries to teach you to become aware of your mula bandha (the muscle group between your vagina and anus). From what we understand, what one should do is try to control your mula bandha and engage these areas of your body. This is achieved with body positioning, mind body connection and with the power of controlled breathing. In this context, our tips are set out as follows:

  • Body position – You’ll want to get into a comfortable cross legged position on the floor or a cushion. In yoga this is commonly referred to as ‘easy pose’. What you need to do here is try to lengthen the spine by sitting up right whilst pulling the belly in.
  • Breathing – While in the above position, you then take in and out short sharp breaths (half a second intervals) whilst clenching and relaxing your mula bandha. Just try and imagine almost lifting the muscle.


What will happen next is trying a number of different, yet similar, positions and breathing exercises. Now I know these exercises don’t seem strenuous but they were (trust me). It’s as though the short breaths would send you into a blissful oxygen deprived state. So was this all part of the process? I wasn’t entirely sure, although I felt somewhat euphoric once the session was completed.

While I didn’t experience any immediate ‘awakening’, I did feel somewhat comfortably centered inside my own self.

So in short, I do recommend giving it a go. However from my reading, it is worthy to note that the true success of tantra yoga is in the repetition of the practice. If this is something you’re interested in, there are a number of Tantra yoga providers including couples and female retreats Australia wide including virtual classes due to the times.

If you need any assistance in finding a tantra yoga provider, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.