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For people who travel a lot for work, living out of a suitcase and moving from hotel room to hotel room can get pretty lonely. It’s therefore understandable that many seek companionship when they travel, whether it’s just for the night or for the duration of their stay. Besides, what better way to enjoy the night life a city than with a beautiful escort?

Girlfriend Experience

Making an intimate physical and emotional connection with a beautiful woman is one of the best experiences a man can go through. , but have trouble taking that all-important first step? Mayfair Confidential understands this, which is why we are helping men fulfil this dream with our girlfriend experience in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia wide.

Boyfriend Experience

There’s nothing better than the feeling of being in a loving, committed relationship, but for some people who are too shy to talk to a potential partner or who are simply too busy in their lives to start a relationship, that feeling can be difficult to experience. Fortunately, most escort agencies provide boyfriend experiences ...

Pornstar Experience

Ever found yourself watching porn and wondered to yourself what it would be like to be a porn star or be with a porn star? It’s a fantasy that has penetrated the minds of many men, and a fantasy that will remain exactly that for most. But you can enjoy the next best thing when you hire a gorgeous escort who offers ...

BDSM / Fetish

If you like to explore your limits when it comes to sexual activity, the world of BDSM, or Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism, provides a wide selection of practices with a variety of safe starting points that allow you to ease yourself into that world before moving onto more ‘involved’ acts. BDSM can range from being tied up to the bed ...